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Prema Pipasi Telugu Ringtones

Prema Pipasi Telugu Ringtones. Prema Pipasi BGM download link. Prema Pipasi is Telugu language movie directed by Murali Ramaswamy starring GPS, Kapilakshi Malhothra while RS compose the film music.

Movie: Prema Pipasi
Cast :  GPS, Kapilakshi Malhothra
Director : Murali Ramaswamy
Music : RS
Producer  :  P.S. Ramakrishna
Category : Telugu

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Prema Pipasi Ringtones List:

  1. First Song Ring Tone
  2. The Second Song Ring Tone
  3. 3rd Song Ring Tone
  4. Fourth Audio Song Ring Tone
  5. 5ht song Ringtone
  6. Last Song Ringtone

Prema Pipasi Info :

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